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A legacy of authenticity It’s time we spotlight Bob Blessing Jacobs, famously known as BobbyJayTV, who is paving the way in today’s music industry. From time to time, we hear inspirational stories of music moguls who rose from the ashes to become notable names in the game. It is no walk in the park when individuals enter a specific industry and make it huge similarly with their passion, determination, consistency, and commitment. BobbyJayTV is one such name that has been doing exceedingly well in the music industry, thanks to his relentless efforts and hard work so far in his career. His role in music has been inspiring individuals, and that in itself proves his excellence as a professional. Today we like to introduce you to the founder and CEO of “MediaCultureNews.”

It was not an easy journey for BobbyJayTV, as it usually never is for any entrepreneur. BobbyJayTV was born December 3rd, 1994, in Liberia, West Africa. Despite his hardships, trials, and tribulations, he never gave up on his dreams. He manifested and created his music empire, MediaCultureNews, an online digital media tailored for a place to find a little bit of everything. From music, celebrities, business, interviews, and more. Regarding music festivals in Boston, BobbyJayTV name always comes up on the top. He is someone who you need to watch out for years to come. 

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Check out my website https://mediaculturenews.com

Instagram / Twitter @BobbyJayTV

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