Here at Limitless Magazine we had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Gabriel Avrett. Mr. Avrett is an on the rise recording artist with an eclectic palette for music which he shows in his own content. Join us below and get to know Gabriel Avrett as we dove deeper into his musical career and lifestyle.

Limitless Magazine: Can you tell our readers about what really inspired you to write music?

Gabriel Avrett: What inspired me to start writing music was the art in general, I was a hip-hop fan at the age of three. It wasn’t until I was in middle school I started writing my own music. Then by high school I was recording music onto my laptop for fun, I let some friends hear it and they gave me the confidence to start taking it serious and get it out online for the world to hear .

Limitless Magazine: When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

Gabriel Avrett: I realized I wanted to music to me my main profession when I was about 20 /21 . I quit my day job as soon as I could and I’ve been a starving, struggling, and hungry artist ever since ! 

Limitless Magazine: How do you describe your sound/style? 

Gabriel Avrett: I would describe my style of music , abstract. Because I never stay in one lane too long. My sound changes with the seasons. I don’t change my style according to what the world wants, I change it because I get real bored real fast. So if I don’t have changes ill feel complacent with my craft. The main genres that inspire me the most are rap, rock, and pop. 

Limitless Magazine: What’s your process for dealing with performance anxiety? 

Gabriel Avrett: I deal with performance anxiety by joking , I realized when I get a live audience and a mic I become this comedian that I’ve never trained to be and I make a lot of jokes about myself. It gets me through the vulnerable state, connects me with the audience, and helps me feel more confident during my shows. I also look at the greats preform, and remember we all get anxiety its how we deal with it when its show time !

Limitless Magazine: What is your creative process when creating a new song? 

Gabriel Avrett: My creative process right now is 1.find a beat that speaks to me 2. Figure out a direction or topic 3. Find a catchy melody 4. Write the lyrics 5. Record and hope it sounds good. There is never a standard approach sometimes my creativity comes on the toilet while I’m shitting. But that’s my 5 step method that’s kinda go to.

Limitless Magazine: Tell us about your new releases. What song are you pushing right now?

Gabriel Avrett: So recently I’ve dropped a song titled “Miserable at Best” produced by my close friend H3NRY. When I wrote that record I was dealing with loss, death, depression, and drug abuse. I was in a miserable state really and I wanted to make the song for me and others that were going through similar if not the same situations. Reminding us we are not alone in these situations and to stay strong. Embrace these times while we are low. Its dope check it out !

Limitless Magazine: Lastly, do you think the internet and social media has made it easier for new talent or harder? And why?

Gabriel Avrett: The internet is the gatekeeper for new upcoming talent. Its became the #1 tool for me and my career. Its not good to lean on anything for a solid career. But ill admit a lot of the progress I’ve made is because on social media. I’m still working to grow my socials where I feel they need to be. But I’m definitely SO thankful on how easy its became to have you’re voice heard all over the world. There is nothing like it that’s for sure!

Limitless Magazine: You heard it here first ! It was a pleasure ! Thanks for joining us.

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