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Mike B: How would you describe your first radio gig? 

Radiojulezz:   My first “radio gig” was when I was an intern. A whole lot of HUSTLE was put in. I worked for free for a year as a promotion assistant. Setting up tents, speakers, talking to the people in the streets and more. As soon as I got my foot in the door I had to let it be known that the goal was to be an on-air personality.

Mike B: What led you to a career in radio?

Radiojulezz:   Straight out of High School I wanted to be a DJ, a scratching DJ. People told me East Valley Institute of Technology was the only school in Arizona that would teach me how to DJ. The first day I attended, the instructor said in the second semester we would learn how to DJ, and in the first semester we’d learn how to be on the radio. I didn’t want to be talking on the radio. Once my instructor heard my voice, he told me I should pursue a career as a radio personality. I fell in love with it. Three months in, the number one hip hop station in my state needed interns and I shot my shot!

Mike B: How long have you been at 99Jamz Miami ? 

Radiojulezz:  Next month will be a year since I’ve been at 99 Jamz. I took the long shot, bet on myself, moved across the country and accepted a part time/weekend shift. Three months in I got promoted to be the third mic on the morning show. 

Mike B: What was your favorite station(s) to listen to when you were a kid?

Radiojulezz:  As a kid I listened to Power 92.3 which is now Power 98.3.

Mike B: You hit the mic every morning. What do you still love about being on the air?

Radiojulezz:   I love talking to the listeners. They become family. I talk to them more than I talk to my own family. I love making a listener smile. 

Mike B: “How was your journey to what you do now?”

Radiojulezz:   I don’t think my journey is much different from when I started. I always strive to do better than I am today. It was always a goal to move out of my state and be on a bigger station. A legendary station at that. Once I reach my goal I set another one. In this radio game you must HUSTLE EVERY DAY. Radio nowadays isn’t radio back then. Back then all you needed was a mouthpiece. Nowadays you need a mouthpiece, you need to be social media savvy, in the streets and more. 

Mike B: “Are there any resources or even advice that have helped you on your journey?”

Radiojulezz:   Definitely! My first program director Mikey Fuentes. Mikey is a great leader. He gave me my first on-air gig. After my internship ended, he called me a week later and asked if I wanted to co-host the night show. He trusted my talents, put me on the night show and in less than a year he put me on the morning show. Two years later he gave me my first solo gig to host the midday show.  Another person who I’ve watched and studied is Bootleg Kev. I respect Kev’s hustle in this game. His work ethic is SO CRAZY. He’s the definition of a REAL radio personality. I would study his breaks and his interviews. I still study his interviews. There’s been times where I’ve acted out of character and Kev keeps it so real and will tell me to chill out and I got to. Whenever I need advice about this radio game he’s one of the first people I reach out to. Plus, he’s also from Arizona!  Another person is J Cruz, radio personality in LA. Whenever I need advice or have a question, I hit up Cruz and he’s another person that keeps it 100% real. When I was in Arizona I would tune into the Cruz Show and study Cruz’s breaks. He’s also the definition of a real radio personality.

Mike B: Who would you say has influenced your career the most?

Radiojulezz:   The people who have influenced my career the most are Mikey Fuentes, DJ Complex, Crisco Kidd, Bootleg Kev, J Cruz, Charlemagne Tha God, Angie Martinez, and Big Boy. Those are all people I’ve studied from the start of my radio career. 

Mike B: How do you keep your station visible and involved in the community?

Radiojulezz:   I believe the way to keep the station visible and involved in the community all has to do with us as personalities. We are the station. We have to be in the streets, attend community events, connect with listeners and make it known at all times wherever I’m at who I am and the station I work for.

Mike B: With the venue of choice at your disposal and an unlimited budget, which 3-5 acts would you pull together for a station show?   The acts I would put together for a station show would be Lil baby, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Durk, Kodak Black and NBA Youngboy. 

Mike B: “Are there any resources or even advice that have helped you on your journey that you can pass on to anyone who wants to get into this field? 

Radiojulezz:  HUSTLE. Be YOU. A real radio personality has to be the same person ON air, OFF air and on social media. My first program director once told me, “You got the opportunity, now what are you going to do with it?” and that’s always stuck with me. Every time I get an opportunity I know it’s time to HUSTLE. 

Mike B: “What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career thus far?” 

Radiojulezz:   I believe my biggest accomplishment in my career so far has to be getting an on-air position at a legendary radio station. 99 Jamz in Miami. 

Mike B: What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ?

Radiojulezz:  The most rewarding part of being an on-air personality still has to be talking to a couple million people every day, striking emotion on them, cracking a smile on their face and making them laugh.

Mike B: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” 

Radiojulezz:    In five years I see myself in LA on LA airwaves hopefully working with the people I have looked up to throughout my career. 

Mike B: “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?”

Radiojulezz:   My superpower would be to be invisible LOL.

Mike B: How can people reach out to you via social media?

Radiojulezz:   You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @radiojulezz 

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