Meet Lil Sidley aka Siddhartha Gunti, a notable rapper carving a space for himself in the rap scene with anthemic music that cuts through all the noise and etches into your bloodstream. The Indian rapper has been enamored by music since 2014. Lil Sidley was brought to the limelight after his debut Bollywood Release with Siddharth Mahadevan and Tiger Shroff for Matrix Fight Night. Lil Sidley is renowned for his place in hip-hop and known for garnering the most significant rap collaborations. He effortlessly makes good music, and his latest projects have been recognizing just that.  

Lil Sidley’s music-making skill comes out so natural as taking a breath. To no surprise, he is one of the greatest hit makers in the underground and mainstream rap game, who seems to have the recipe for success. His untold secret is paying exceptional attention to every step on his music journey, and indeed he is on the rise in his niche. He effortlessly continues to make waves with his highly groovy album Super Green.  

The album ‘SuperGreen’ is a harmonious union of music and arts. Siddhartha has created an experience that blends illustrations and music to go hand in hand to tell a story. Each track in the album is accompanied by illustrations that portray the journey of the main character. This album is a beautiful example of Lil Sidley’s vision transcending the usual music video to leave the listeners captivated by the concept.

His songs are still gaining massive listeners on Spotify and have achieved astonishing success, including Green, Fastest, Baddest, CTS, Pull Up Gang and many more songs. The man is a self-made artist; all he achieved till today is purely based on his talent. The patience he has inbuilt in himself to reach his desired result is incredible. The artist has grown his success graph steadily enhancing unique music craft with a mesmerizing voice in each music art while he continues to break into mainstream success, crossing 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 100,000+ streams across all platforms. He told us about his upcoming tracks he’s been working on for a  Bollywood Movie involving a Megastar set to release around the end of 2022.

Make sure you get familiar with his catalog and check out his most recent releases on his official website before he drops new content. 

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