Did I mention it’s also Black-owned!

Manufactured by New Image Global Inc.,

and Established in 1995. Royal Blunts is a Southern California-based company. Royal Blunts innovative products and flavors, taking the industry by storm for over 20 years. 

Mike B:   Tell our viewers about the company 

Royal Blunt:  We specialize in producing blunt wraps, non-tobacco wraps, and other smoking accessories. 

Mike B:   What are Hemparillos made of? 

Royal Blunt:  Hemparillos is organic, which causes the slow-burning effect, and the best part is it’s all-natural. It comes in four Cirillo-sized wraps per pouch and they contain ZERO nicotine and tobacco. 

Mike B:  So no tobacco and no nicotine?

Royal Blunt:  We have done our research and over the years found out a lot of buyers do not wish to have those chemicals in our wraps. It’s all about the non-tobacco products with our brand. We provide our supporters with a safe way of consuming marijuana, etc. 

Mike B:  Tell me about Rillo hemp wraps?

Royal Blunt:  Each pouch is 5 wraps and these products are made with Canadian Hemp and are 100% tobacco and nicotine-free. Our Wraps are a great way to roll your cigarillos. We use only the finest European hemp to manufacture our blunt wraps.

Mike B:  What are some of the flavors you have for the wraps? 

Royal Blunt:  Our flavors include passion fruit, Jamaican Rum, Georgia peach, purple grape, strawberry banana, tropical passion, wet mango, apple, blueberry, watermelon, and more. Our wraps offer a classy touch of various flavors that isn’t overpowering and leaves no chemical aftertaste. That’s the reason we are still in business after 20 years. 

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