When cultivators turned to brands for the right to move their flowers, brands such as Waferz, Cookies, Sherbinskis and Jungle Boys helped become the mount rushmore of the flower movement in the US. In recent years, the pair has developed a cult following in Hollywood, which includes clients from the music and entertainment industries, such as YG, Souljaboy, Schoolboy Q, among others.

It was one of the first crossed gelato strains, hence the ice cream theme and feel. The original Waferz became an iconic strain in the era of “Exotics.”. As a result, this strain was crossbred with other unique varieties in order to produce a whole range of varieties that can be seen today as well as in the future.

Waferz is not just a cannabis brand but is a lifestyle brand as well; they make clothing, merchandise and accessories that are true to the culture of cannabis. As well as this, Waferz is putting forth its best efforts to connect its fans with the ice cream feel and vibe of cannabis by bringing ice cream experiences to its fans at cannabis events all around California. At the forefront of the company’s forethought, they are aiming to extend the brand’s exposure to other countries and regions throughout the world.

They have contributed to the overall culture by providing education, incentives and customer service, and they have become a real market leader and trendsetter for others in the community. A key takeaway is their ability to standardize a high value product consistently without failure. Waferz has also been able to experience exponential growth due to a thriving community that has embraced their product. 

The public is excited about this evolving brand and looking forward to future events that they will be sponsoring over the course of the 2022 year. 

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