Here at Limitless Magazine we had the amazing opportunity of interviewing Keith Lyons, owner of Fast Bands Clothing. The Limitless individual is making his presence known within the fashion and entertainment industries. Check out our recent interview below.

1. Can you tell our readers about what really inspired you to create clothing ?

I’ve been into my fashion since I could ever remember. Fashion was one of them important things to me in my life as a kid, like basketball was. I went to a different high school each year so it was hard to keep up with basketball, so I was constantly always into fashion.

2. When did you realize you were going to make clothing professionally?

It wasn’t until 2018 that I wanted to start my own clothing line. That’s when I got into making designs and actually coming up with my brand name, getting my business license together and things like that. I took a few years to study on just how to run a business and make sure I was doing things correctly so I could take things to the next step. That’s when I officially decided to release my clothing line on my 26th birthday, July 21, 2021.

3. Tell us what is so unique about you and your apparel? 

FastBandsClothingLLC is custom street wear made with full unique designs. All my designs I imagine in my head and bring to life. I try and make different type of designs for my audience and keep them wondering on wha I got releasing next. 

4. Can you give us a brief insight into your upcoming projects?

I’m mostly focused on setting up big networking events, mainly. I’m also focusing on my next year in business, which I will start working and learning from bigger designers, photographers, models, NFT Creators and other entrepreneurs. I will also continue the year releasing great quality merch for all my supporters and hopefully am able to start working on a collaborate with another great bread going into 2023. 

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