You went to a club or concert. Suddenly, you hear the music, and your body starts dancing to the tunes. Suddenly, you feel lots of joy and good emotions. Did this happen to you, ever? This is the magic of music. Famous musician Martin Huu Nguyen, who created the famous song Do You Think About Me Still, says that “Music gives you the adrenaline rush you can’t get elsewhere.”

With many digital reforms and the social media industry raking great interest among millions of people worldwide, it has given birth to many new businesses and artists to explore themselves on a wider scale. When we glance at the music industry, it has also changed with the demand. Martin Huu Nguyen is the best example of how one can establish himself efficiently with pure talent in the industry.

Martin Huu Nguyen is a rising artist from  Minneapolis, Minnesota. He first released his music as a hobby, but after experiencing great success in his first launches, the artist realized that there is a future for him in the music industry. On his road to achieving his dream as a musician, Martin Huu Nguyen stops at nothing to show the best version of himself. Over the years, he has been working hard to build connections, work with other musicians in the scene, and independently navigate the ins and outs of the music industry.

In early September of 2019 he founded a company called Bless By The Best LLC DBA #Noexcuse to help At-Risk Youth and to give them mentorship and better coping skills instead of taking the wrong path.  His two songs that are currently out defined by a revisitation of traditional hip-hop and R+B conventions; Martin Huu Nguyen embraces the world of knocking 808s and the growl and punch of creative instrumentals alongside the polished gloss of his trademark croon. “Do You Think About Me Still” dropped January 13th 2022 with over already 70,000k views on YouTube.

To hear more from Martin Huu Nguyen and stay up-to-date on his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:





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