Meet rising artist KBNSWIPPA aka SWIPPA. KBNSWIPPA was born & raised in St. Louis, Mo on January 20th, 1999. Being one of the founders of (King By Nature) aka KBN, kings conquer everything & that’s one of the main reasons why he named himself SWIPPA. Also a D1 athlete college dropout SWIPPA had a bigger vision for himself. SWIPPA labels himself as a rockstar not a rapper & it makes perfect sense due to his high energy & versatility on tracks. We got to connect with KBN & ask him a few questions about his come up!

Describe the moment you knew music was going to be permanent for you?

“In the fall of 2020 is when music started to feel real for me. Covid made me miss out on playing American Football Internationally, but it also gave me time to find myself outside of athletics. Music has always been a friend of mine, but when I recorded “Laid Back Chillin’” everything changed. I spent $1,000 in two weeks with my engineer, Lowkey Quin. I just fell in love with the studio its like a positive drug, I use it like a verbal diary.”

Explain how it is in the studio? How do you set the vibe to get started?

“I am very organized when it comes to my music. Before I get there I run through the songs 5-10 times. When I get in the studio I know exactly what I want to record & exactly how I want it to sound. I got to have some gas floating in the air to help with my anxiety which only gets worse because I’m always geeked for the session. The aura has to be positive and I always bring 2 drinks with me & kill the first 1 before I start.”

How is it coming up as an artist in St. Louis? How easy is it to connect with other artists or producers?

“Coming up as an artist in St. Louis is a grind. I personally don’t fit the typical (St. Louis Sound) & I’m fine with that because I have my own style and I think the city could benefit from how different/similar I am. The presentation of my music is more creative than a lot of music the city pushes. Everybody tries to outshine the next person, so it makes it hard to network. I work with all the small fish in the city, but I know we will be big someday. I am seeing efforts being made in the city, but it can be better.”

How did your move from St. Louis to Nashville effect your career?

“The move to Nashville was extremely positive for me. I moved down here to handle business. Me being new to the city it forced me to get out there and market myself socially. I met almost everybody I’m tied in musically at a gas station I worked at in West Nashville. I promoted myself to every customer using business cards I had made. I even held a Designer Bag Giveaway to get the locals involved. Overall i’ts been all love in Nashville.”

If you were talking to some upcoming artists who just started what would be your top 3 pointers you would give them?

“First I would have to say find yourself musically & fall in love with your sound. Confidence is key when it comes to music, just be you. Next I would say build a team & network. Don’t be afraid to try something new or speak to new people, you never know who you may bump into. Finally I would say make sure you have the money, because the music business is very expensive. You have to pay for studio time, beats, mastering, marketing, videos, etc. Just make sure you are prepared.”

What would you say is the biggest accomplishment you’ve accomplished so far?

“Solidifying fans thousands of miles away has definitely been my greatest accomplishment. Connecting with different people all over the world is surreal. When fans in Brazil send me videos blasting my music screaming my name I get chills. It’s the same feeling coming from all my fans.”

What are some things you have coming up in the near future?

“I’m dropping a single/video called, “Redrxm.” It’s a song about how the definition of justice can be contradicting. Fans love the music, but I have to give them visuals. I will be dropping plenty in the upcoming weeks on my YouTube channel. Old songs and new wave sliders! I have a couple shows coming up as well this summer. My team and I will be making announcements via social media… Rockstar Ghandi is my next big project that I am working on. It will be a 15 song album expressing my struggle with depression, anxiety, and paranoia. Sometimes violence seems like the only way out until you find another outlet.”

If you are interested in staying tapped in with KBNSWIPPA be sure to check out his social media/music links linked below!

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