BearNeedMillionz is an on the rise music artist from Philadelphia. Music was not something he thought he would be pursuing as a career choice. Music was something he took on to carry the dream and spirit of his big bro who sadly was killed in a murder. Becoming a music artist was his dream and Bearneedmillionz is living out that dream for him even though he is no longer with us. While being incarcerated he saw the opportunity to use his time wisely and created a catalog full of songs. He wrote each day with no beat or music, only the sounds in his head.

After getting out of jail he continued his mission. BearNeedMillionz is as unique as they come. Down to his beat selection and delivery his music is like no other. He makes sure his music is relatable and conscious so that his audience can feel his message in each song. His current release was just released June 15th called “Current Events”. Everyday events inspired that record. He is currently focused on 2 new singles set to drop in July. In the meantime check out his current catalog and stream “Current Events

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