Denver, Colorado Stand Up

What’s your background? What got you into music? 

I used to be in a heavy metal band when I was about 16. I’ve always been a fan of creating my own music, I made the transition into rap and hip hop when I was about 18 years old. I have been doing it ever since. I took some sound theory and recording classes in college, that’s where I found out I had an interest in this type of music.

How long has music been a part of your life? 

I’ve loved music since I was a teenager, I was mostly into rock and heavy metal music. I gained an interest after seeing rappers perform live and also from playing the Def Jam series on xbox.

What’s your favorite project so far, and why? 

Soul Searchin, my newest project it came out Marcg of this year. I feel like I really hit the mark on this one, many different moods. But I owe it all to my first project Pull Up for helping me find my zone and motivating me with the responses I got from it. Don’t get me wrong I love Pull Up, and Discopop but my favorite songs of mine and on this new project. This has the sound I want.

How would you describe your style of music

My style now is very different and it has been over the years. The only way I could describe my style now is passionate, feel good and bouncy. It is my own. I want my listeners to be able to relate to what I’m saying and to turn on my music when they need to feel a certain way or to get through something both good and bad. It has adapted with the times, although I do hear a lot of my music sounding “old”, that’s the feeling I want to create something relatable from today’s problems, that sounds like something I would want to listen to, it’s about nostalgia.

When it comes to performing, what’s your style? 

I like to have fun and keep the energy levels high; I like to interact with the crowd and feed of of them. I also like to make sure they can hear me in the venue! I get mad when I go to a concert and the sound is bad. I want them to know that I’m actually singing the songs trying to hit all the notes, I go on stage buy myself so sometimes I need to go back and forth with myself so I can hit the next parts of the song. But I don’t use auto tune live so I try to make sure that’s conveyed. 

What makes you different from other rappers in the industry?

I had great mentors, I did my homework. I know of all the greats that came before me and how the genre has evolved. I also feel like I don’t sound like a lot of people. I don’t like to be put in that bubble. My songs are constructed well, I take my writing very seriously, I feel like my ideas are on another level, I’m not just your typical local rapper. I’ve been in the game for a long time and pride myself in having skills in all aspects. I edit my verses, and make sure when recording my flow is on point, I don’t punch in either I make it one solid piece.

When driving, is there a specific track that has you blasting the stereo with the windows down?

“Famous” by Luke Christopher, this song literally I will sing to you at the stop light. This answer might surprise a lot of people because I bet no one knows this song but this one does it for me. Also “Funky Friday” by Dave. You can’t help it, you start speeding and driving fast. 

SHOUT OUT TO MY BOY MIKE BRAXTON FROM PHILLY thanks for the interview man this is awesome!

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