Smooth and Raw

Hello the name is Rellgeez, and my background is indie music artist, what got me into rap was the history of the culture and I feel in love with since I was little, it’s been apart of my life since I was 11 years old, if it wasn’t for music I probably would be playing sports because I was definitely a big sports fan, I come to realize that I was very talented at a young age so I just push myself to take it a step forward, the one thing that I wouldn’t want to give up is my signing ability, because I’m a very strong vocalist and that my bread and butter, I aim to make a difference by getting young men and women and helping the elderly and clean trash in the community and recycle, so far so good I’m talking the next step to go farther in my career, my vision is to become one of the best artists and produces in the industry, my style of music is smooth and raw at the same time, when I’m writing on paper I pick one topic on each verse so that gives me lots of time to write , my creative process is sometimes I like to drink Alcohol, weed , from time to time but normally I do water and hot tea, when it comes to performing it comes very natural to me cuz I’m a very good speaker, my style is very versatile I can perform fast paced and slow Paced, if I Han to perform some where it would be in Canada because they turn up just like American, my favorite project was the freshman album because lyrically I made my point across in this album, my sound is going to be great as the time goes on because of my new and old school flow people can relate, I’m definitely different then most rappers because I use my rnb back ground to help me with my hip hop they both complement each other, my influence are biggie , Tupac, nas, jay z, , fabulous, the lox, TI, lil Wayne, young Jeezy, yo Gotti, out of all of them I sound like biggie, there so many tracks I bump it basically all depends on my mood to be honest, I would love to do a song with Tory lanz cuz he remains me a lot of my self with rapping and singing plus switching lanes with his flows.

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