Dreamy soundscapes and heavy rhythms back up the undeniable versatility of rapper and artist Lil 610, amidst dozens of original releases and an ever-expanding audience reach.

Based out of Philadelphia, Lil 610 unites passion, talent and work ethic, delivering a string of singles in recent years, each promising personal insight, style, confidence, and a fresh anthem for the contemporary scene.

From the outright presence and fiercely high-octane bars of ‘Ben 10’, through the rhythmically quirky, scene-setting and minimalist ‘Jeff Sessions’, to the 2022 single ‘Percs’, featuring Kankan and Swami Uchiha, Lil 610 keeps things creatively unpredictable. Industrial rhythms and ethereal production back up increasingly intense vocal outpourings, which blend topical relevance with an edge of emotional integrity and purpose.

Boasting over 100k followers on Instagram and over 2 million streams on Soundcloud, the independent troubadour of modern rap fuses modern flavors and deeply honest story-telling. Despite eclecticism, the Lil 610 sound proves inspiring and motivational, as well as something music fans can escape to and connect with on a deeper level. There’s also a fearless degree of love for the art-form woven into each performance, and a masterful, fun aspect to approaching the mic – tracks like ‘Loser’ focus almost entirely on the voice and the ideas of the rapper as he relentlessly details the story at hand.

Also promising a multitude of cinematic videos, most commonly premiered by the renowned Jmoney1041, community is key for the devoted and fast-rising indie artist. The likes of ‘Ben 10’ captivate with jittery visual intensity alongside the sheer pace of the bars. Lil610’s collaborative releases and features have also notably elevated his name within the scene over the past two years.

Switching things up for 2022, a new Merch collection can be found on the website, and fans can stay updated via Instagram – @lil610.ig.



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