The Real J.T.W is an amazing music creator and songwriter. He has been making his mark in the industry now for 10 years with no plans on slowing down. His music sheds light on real social topics and real life events that happen everyday in life. His music speaks on mental health, as it is a major aspect in his own life. The Real J.T.W is able to discuss these issues such as depression, addiction and any mental illness on the microphone and provide comfort and knowledge to others.

Right now he is focused on expanding his audience and growing his brand each day. It is his goal to be a voice for those who do not have one. Two of his breakthrough singles are “SORROWS” & “NEW PLACE”.  This album is said to be some of his best work. 15 tracks in total. Album titled “WATCH ME BLEED”. He is also said to be working on another album for 2023, titled “PAINFUL LIVING”. We can’t wait to see what he releases, In the meantime check out his catalog now available on Soundcloud.

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