Artist, songwriter Mouctar Telly has consistently left her mark on the mainstream music market. Returning to the forefront of music with new music playlist has his foot on the gas with no intentions of slowing down. After finding success on in his music industry Mouctar Telly continues his reign in the music business. Mouctar Telly serves up an impressive visual for his followers and budding fanbase that is destined to turn the summer up.

Mouctar Telly, whose real name is Mouctar Telly Diallo, is a Guinean songwriter and artist. It was in the 2010s that he made his debut in the music industry as a com manager, artist manager. Mouctar Telly is a very cosmopolitan artist due to his musical culture and his authenticity.

When it comes to music, Mouctar Telly comprehends the game and knows it is such an innately fluid genre that combining almost any accompaniment can easily be tuned to perfection. It is forward-thinking musical innovators like Mouctar Telly that drive the genre forward into new avenues and new fans.  The ability to translate the varied melodic textures of songs a record with such rawness is a feat in itself, not to mention the ability to successfully collaborate with some of the industry’s biggest names.

He is a visionary artist who thrives on creating. His work is a direct reflection of his unique personality. His distinct aesthetics can be found in all areas of his work, from the finer points of his production to the unique, nuanced, and odd album covers. He combines artistry and technology to give his work a contemporary feel. Using both digital and traditional methods, he works relentlessly to honor the talent that God has placed in his heart.

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