Eli Preme is the sneaker king. He resells sneakers to some of the most popular celebrities in the world such as Scott Disik, Alec Monopoly, Lonzo Ball, Tyler Herro, and more! Growing up, Eli has a sneaker obsession. When a new sneaker came out, he would ask his father if he would buy them for him. As time went on, Eli’s father finally said it was time for him to find a way to purchase these sneakers on his own. At that very moment, Eli took initiative and sold some of his own sneakers to provide for his habits. Since 2017, he has been selling the most coveted kicks and has been progressing everyday in the sneaker game.

Eli loves all sneakers but his favorite pair are the Off-White Chicago 1s. At one point, he had 5 pairs of these and sold them for $1000 each. Today, those same sneakers go for $8–9000.

In 5 years from now, Eli sees himself owning multiple sneaker stores and selling thousands of sneakers daily. He would also like to do a pop-up shop in Europe, where the sneaker culture is rapidly growing.

Right now, Eli has a lot of plans in the works. He plans to keep doing pop-ups where he goes to places like Good Time Hotel (owned by David Grutman) and sells sneakers to the people of Miami. Thus far, he has been very successful in that venture.

For any up and coming sneaker reseller, Eli wanted to give some motivational words of wisdom. “Don’t give up. The sneaker game is really tough at times. You can go 3–4 releases without getting a single pair. It’s all about the hunger and drive you have. Make sure that you always continue to go to every store possible, do raffles, and build connections (especially with store employees).

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