Akshit Puri is a young boy next door who has aced several fields. He is an entrepreneur, fitness influencer and soon is going to be a renowned musical artist. Akshit has been an all-rounder since his school days. He was good at sports, music, dancing and even he was good at studies.  

His interest in sports influenced him to be physically fit. Soon he started to love working out and worked out frequently. He was obsessed with being in shape and even encouraged everyone around him to stay fit.  

If you want to get into shape Akshit is your man. He is expert in doing so and has transformed the lives of lakhs of people by training them to get the body of their dreams. He gives his client exercise routine according to their needs and ability and even gives them a diet that they should follow. Akshit is clear that consistency is the key. His workout routines and diet plans are simple and easy to keep up with. The only thing he is super strict about is consistency.  

Akshit belongs to the background of entrepreneurs. His family has a big business. Before getting too involved in the fitness industry he also handled businesses of his father and took them to another level by taking it across seas. Undoubtedly he is also a successful businessman. 

Being a fitness influencer and a businessman, Akshit’s solace was always somewhere in music. Even in his school people called him gifted because of his melodic voice. He loves to sing and listen to music. Motivated by his family and friends he thought of finally giving singing a chance. In 2021, he debuted with the song Gotcha Yeah. In 2022, his two songs were released called Deep Love and The Master Show. All the songs are available on Amazon Music and YouTube. He was praised for his performance and soon is going to be the new sensation in the music industry.  

Reference- Factdarshan Times

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