CleanGo GreenGo is a Canadian company and works under a label called CleanGo Innovations Inc. They produce quality green, non-toxic and most importantly super effective cleaning supplies build by ESG companies. ESG companies (Environmental Social and Governance) criteria are set of standards for a company’s operations that socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments. Company’s products are ready to be used for commercial, industrial and household purposes.

CleanGo GreenGo was founded by Anthony Sarvucci who is also the president of the company. The innovative and useful idea of cleaning without damaging the environment, keeping our family and pets safe in case it is spilled mistakenly and without any loss of color on any item has made these products popular. These products do not contain any type of toxic chemical in them. All of their products are Green Seal certified. Green Seal is a global nonprofit organization that pioneered the ecolabeling movement with a mission to transform the economy for a healthier, greener world.

The company’s retail line of products include ‘Total Purpose’ which does the best cleaning for kitchen, bath, tables and floors. ‘Fabric and Capet’ which removes all the stains and spills that are unable to clean. ‘Wipes & On the Go’, this one has capacity to clean almost anything. The company has also partnered with a leading industry supplier who has developed a premier harm reducing cleaner for the industry. All these products do the quality cleaning still being green.

CleanGo GreenGo products are also Leaping Bunny Certified. Leaping Bunny Certification means companies which operate for consumers to cruelty-free companies under its Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals. Companies must pledge to end animal testing at all stages of product development. All of their products are DIN Registered. A DIN lets the user know that the product has undergone and passed a review of its formulation, labeling and instructions for use. A drug product sold in Canada without a DIN is not in compliance with Canadian law.

CleanGo acts as a “truly green” in industrial formulation and works by reducing interfacial tension between the oil and formation molecules such as carbonate or sand. All the companies products can be bought online as well as it is available on many retail outlets across USA and Canada. Fueled through the power of emulsification, the products are made using unique green technologies.

Why not choose CleanGo GreenGo products which are high quality cleaners and available in very affordable prices within reach of almost every common man. These does job the best way and are environment friendly unlike other products that are harmful for our Eco system and our planet as well as it may cause damage to the user due to high toxicity, if come in contact with the body. 

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