Talented Japanese recording artist Riku has released his new single, Angel feather (アマツカツバサ). The track has all that Riku’s fans expect from him. Armed with Riku’s captivating vocals backed with powerful rhythms, it results in a highly-energetic track that will undoubtedly attract listeners’ attention.

Riku(戮) efficiently demonstrates his resilient composition performance skills in Angel feather (アマツカツバサ). The song talks about people who are going through a difficult time in their lives. Not only is the song meaningful, but it also has a profound title. The song begins with a dreary tone, which symbolizes an angel with a damaged wing. Then powerful and energetic instrumentations enter, attempting to lift one’s spirits and combat life’s setbacks. The title of the song Angel Feather (アマツカツバサ) comes from the fact that the angel is cured and soars up into the sky, leaving its feather behind.

Riku (戮) is known for his songs with profound themes. He began his solo career only a year ago; however, he possesses immense experience in the field. Before starting solo, he worked for well-known bands such as HISKAREA, Phantasmagoria, and others as lead vocalist. When the globe was dealing with the COVID outbreak last year, the individual decided to go solo and take his career to a new level. While working with a band, he always felt that he wasn’t able to comprehend his thoughts and artistic ideas properly. Since then, he recorded several projects, including the well-received singles “The Regret Was Left Behind” and “Rin Pun.” Riku’s most recent music includes his debut 10-track solo album, ‘ZORO,’ which has already made waves in the music settings.

Listen to Angel feather (アマツカツバサ) on Spotify and other streaming platforms. For more information on Riku (戮) and his upcoming projects, follow him on his Instagram account.



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