JAMES ROAN, a real example of a hustler in the world of music is an extraordinary artist, who is exclusively skilled in the art. It is his unique voice and the way of his singing that makes him different. James Roan, a recording artist who comes from Miami, Florida U.S.A. Throughout his career, James Roan has taken different paths, like voice narration, music, and a lot more. Like every artist in the world who hustles in the market to make his/her talent viable, JAMES ROAN is the one. Since his birth, he was into music and the world of Hip-Hop, fully devoted, committed and determined towards his goal of being one of the kind. He knew he was full of energy and potential that would be enough to make a difference, he knew there was a clear spark that only needed to be ignited by his enthusiasm. And through his determination and hard work things turned the way they were expected. His major goal is to bring some possible change in the rap game and steer in the current period of hip-hop. He believes that the game needs to be changed over time. He is confident that his recently released album titled ‘‘POWER FORWARD’’  is a spark that will create a twist in the game by bringing some change. Influencing the world has always been his goal and chose to do it through his music. POWER FORWARD album is unique and has been created with some modern techniques to make the world of music evaluate. His album ‘‘POWER FORWARD’’ was not created over a night, it was an uphill task that took six years in the making. James worked on it day and night tirelessly and put his one hundred percent to make his dream come true that he envisioned when he set his feet in the world of music. The album Power Forward itself is the complete motivation for the ones who face difficulties in anything or any goal, they have been in pursuit of in their lives. It tells them to keep up the work and focus on the target they have set to achieve. The album Power Forward is created in a way that is unique in the world of music. James tells that he faced a lot of hardships and difficulties during his journey of creating his album Power Forward but he overcame and brought out his masterpiece in the market. This piece of the album is a reminder to us that we should hang on tight through every difficult situation and should power forward our struggle. It has been James Roan’s mission to speak up for those who can not through his stunning voice. James Roan believes that anyone can succeed in their lives if they are on the right path with a goal because he is confident that success takes time but it comes to those who hiase it. Check out his album ‘POWER FORWARD’ and you guys can reach him on social media accounts. 

Social Media: IG – jamesroan_ 

Twitter: jamesroan_ 

Website: jamesroan.com


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