He has a different energy level when it comes to music, people can really match their vibe with his songs. His style, vibe and songs will no doubt make the music industry of America more popular. Every time he comes out with a new track, his audience loves them and he gets uncountable positive reviews and love on his songs. Yung Dub D sings with his soul and heart.

Not unlike others, Yung Dub D has faced many struggles and obstacles in his life. When he was six years old, he lost his father. He was heartbroken but eventually, he learnt to turn his pain into his passion for music. His father always supported him, he always wanted him to reach the top. Yung Dub D worked day and night honing his skills to become the best music artist. Today, he is enjoying his top position in the industry. He also wants to work more to reach the top of the music game.

On being asked about his musical idols or the people he follows, Yung Dub D said, “My top three musical influences would be Michael Jackson because he is the greatest of all time and very talented. Stevie Wonder because he is a musical genius and his songs express different moods and Lil Wayne because whatever was done, he tries to make a better version and be very competitive.”

To date, the young artist has released hits such as “Core”, “Put it all on me”, “I agree”. “In my head” “Alligator Lizard”, “What you gonna do” and many others. His new awaited song ‘Hush’ which has been recently released on April 17 on YouTube with an official music video. The song features another great artist, Vinnie Bones. Yung Dub D has over 39k followers on his Instagram. Currently, he is focused on releasing his new album but if you want to know more about Yung Dub D right now, follow him on Instagram

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