Daytona Chase is a recording artist from Connecticut. He started to dabble into music at the age of 16. At that age he was constructing his own songs. In 2000 he was introduced to one of the greatest Hip Hop icons, Nas. After hearing the song “Nastradamus” he had a fond admiration for Hip Hop. Ludacris and Nas played a pivotal role in inspiring Daytona to chase his dreams and hone in on his skills and pursue music. Soon he had developed his own sound.  He began rapping at the age of 19 and enhanced his skills after learning how to record and understand basic music functions. After being in a high school rap group, he decided he would prefer the solo route. 

More recently he has released a hit single titled “One Night”. The single came to him while driving one night and feeling overwhelmed with life and the pressures life has on an individual. Daytona Chase thought to himself “Let me just ride one night with no worry and break away and let loose.” This year is all about growth and networking. Every moment is about growth and expanding the brand.

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