Abu Zahid Jakaria Partho is a musician, entrepreneur, and digital marketer from Bangladesh. Since his school days, his passion in cyber security and digital marketing has made him a familiar figure.He is currently renowned as Bangladesh’s Cyber Security and Digital Marketer. Partho is a graphic designer as well as a business owner.

The young man began his job with his own Facebook fan page, ‘Abu Zahid Jakaria Partho.’ He is mostly focused on resolving Facebook’s security issues and developing cyber security. On behalf of several agencies, he also handles digital marketing through content projection and distribution. He also advertises a variety of items on the internet. The promotion of items through digital platforms is known as digital marketing. 

Partho has already been verified as an official artist on YouTube, TickTock, and Spotify, including other global music platforms. In January 2021, his YouTube account was confirmed as an official artist channel, and he was just accepted through into Spotify Artist Verification program. His music and digital marketing careers began in 2016 when he founded “Noyon Tara Media,” a digital media company. He worked with well-known musical director ‘A S M Zulfiqur Rahman” and a lot of production companies. Now He concentrate on his own YouTube channel and stated of his future aspirations in digital media.

In terms of the condition of digital work in Corona pandemic, he stated that it is impossible to do repetitive work outside the home during an outbreak. You must go there if you want to work in a production company. So right now, I’m attempting to upload music to YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming applications from my home. In this scenario, I believe they are the most efficient ways.

Partho was distinct from the start, therefore he had a wide range of ideas and skills. He is one of the world’s most successful young artists, sharing his thoughts with the digital world. He now wants to take his career to the next level.

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