Having a driven mindset and a burning passion for doing something from a young age can pay off and get you ahead of the game. In fact, this is true for Wais Sarajzada, who jumped headfirst into his career as early as possible to achieve his goals.

Wais Sarajzada is an 18-year-old music artist who grew up in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is still his home, and Wais Sarajzada believes that his surroundings are what influenced him to get into music and what helped him achieve his success at such a young age. 

While growing up and listening to the likes of Chris Brown and Eminem, Wais knew that he wanted to get into the music industry. Fortunately, living in Los Angeles, he could get a step ahead of the game as he was surrounded by famous faces every day. 

Wais has worked incredibly hard to get where he is, has managed to work with huge names in the music world already, which includes 600Breezy and WoahVicky. Due to this, his name is already making the rounds, and the world is starting to groove to his beats. 

 As someone who has started networking and is hardworking at such a young age, Wais Sarajzada certainly has the right mindset to rise within the music industry and make a name for himself among the stars. 

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