Dream Castle

In the times of Corona, Dream Castle has become a saviour of sorts for the struggling business sector

With the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of lives were affected globally. India’s economic losses were to the tune of Rs. 32,000 crores daily for the first 21 days of the lockdown.

During the complete lockdown phase, only 25% of India’s total economy, worth $2.8 trillion, was working. On the other hand, more than 50% of Indian businesses have been severely affected by this pandemic.

Significant industries like manufacturing, services, supply chain management, etc have been pushed to the wall even as specific businesses have borne the brunt of total uncertainty.

The unprecedented challenges thrown by COVID-19 has led to a fight for survival, stress, performance shortcomings among individuals and seriously impacting their lives.

Amidst the plethora of misinformation, loss of manpower and deeply entrenched uncertainties nestled into the human psyche, digital PR, or public relations managed over a digital space like social media, etc., has emerged as a beacon of hope for businesses and individuals who are eager to revive themselves.

While the world fights through the novel coronavirus, an end to end Digital PR Marketplace, Dream Castle is on a mission to rescue businesses big or small with its crisis management and communication practices, keeping its clients on top of their game with the right key messaging, engaging narratives and powerful stories. The company builds ideas, weave and narrate brand stories and deliver them to the brand’s potential consumer audience.

In the middle of this perfect storm created by Coronavirus, the firm has evolved as the one-stop-shop for all Digital PR needs.

Dream Castle is an independent PR agency and is the topmost PR Agency in Mohali, Punjab, India, leading the industry with its core effective approach and PR Intelligence tools. Their purpose of manoeuvring the field is to give demonstrated and full-service digital marketing, Artist Management, Record Label, Music Distribution, Website Development, SEO, Adwords for all the brands and individuals hoping to build credibility in the digital landscape.

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