Tell us about your come up in the state of Utah, and how has it changed your life and music as a whole?

Yes! Utah will always mean so much to me as I am born and raised here. The community in Utah is so supportive of each other, and I will forever be a part of this community. When it comes to my music, Utah has always shown me the most love out of all the state I have ever traveled to and played shows in. It was always be super special to me, and I will never forget where I came from and the love that has been shown. The support that has been given to me from so many amazing people is what changed my life. 

When you started making music, what was that like for you compared to what it is now? 

For me, just my entire sound and lyricism has improved entirely since the beginning. As any other artist, you start finding that right niche when it comes to making your crafts and figuring who you are as an artist. I have always wanted to try new things when it came to making music, hence why I have so much hip hop stuff to singing, and now pop punk. I love keeping people wondering what is next, and doing new things is the best way of doing so. 

As time has gone by, your music keeps on evolving. What made you choose to do pop punk now opposed to hip hop?

Very true… I appreciate that a ton. I chose to do pop punk now because it has actually always been my favorite genre of music. Just the scene at warped tour, and growing up listening to bands such as Green Day and Blink 182 at a very young age, really allowed that genre to always be my go to genre. I have always known how to play the guitar too, so I am very glad I can finally do that in my songs and at my shows. 

Will your newest album be strictly just pop punk?

I wanted it to be at first, but it actually isn’t. My newest album is titled Into The Hiskey-Verse and the whole album is a mixture of hip hop and pop punk which makes this project very unique. When I started creating this album over a year ago, I had this idea of having different verses from special guests on each song, but after spending a lot of time at different studios all night and branching out to pop punk, that concept kind of went away. The first single that was released from this album was Help The World featuring Lil B The Based God. This single was a very special single for myself, and my lifetime brother Gregory Goose, who produced the entire record. Fast forward to right now, we now have Love and You’re My World pop punk that are coming from the album, which are both the last singles from the entire project. 

Have your shows changed since you started doing pop punk?

They have changed a lot, but in the best way possible. My drummer Dallin Hunt and I make a great combo on stage, and anyone who has experienced any of our shows this year can understand. I sing and play guitar, while Dallin plays the drums. We still play a mixture of pop punk and hip hop songs that I have put out over the years, and they sound so much better with this kind of live sound. Next year will be full of shows again, and I am looking forward to that tremendously. 

Your newest song is a newer version of You’re My World, a song that will always be remembered from your musical career. What made you decide to turn it into this version? How did it come about?

Thank you so much for those kind words. You’re My World is a song that I never imagined becoming what it is today. This song happened sometime during this past summer, when Dallin and I were up all night once at his studio recording tons of music. While recording music together, we decided to record a bunch of re-done versions of my songs and that included re-making You’re My World into this pop punk version. Dallin produced the entire song, and we honestly had the best time creating this record. The song sounds so good with the drums and electric guitar, and I am just so proud of this one. We will have a music video for this record coming soon, so be on the look out for that! 

Are you going to change all of your original songs into the pop punk genre? What can your fans expect? 

Possibly, yes. We have already done a few of them such as Love, Twerk That, and obviously You’re My World and Dallin and I have discussed doing more. We will see if we do it, but I am not sure which ones yet if we ended up deciding on making it happen.

During your whole music career, what’s been your most proudest song you have created? 

I have always been asked this, and my answer always changes but I would have to go with You’re My World right now because it is very catchy and an important song of my career. 

What has been your proudest moment so far while in the music industry?

Honestly, just inspiring others to prove that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. We don’t just chase dreams, we also catch them and that is something I have been saying for the longest time now because it is true. My impact I have had when it comes to inspiring people who look up to me is something that I am super proud of and always will be. That’s truly all I ever wanted. Just wanted to be an inspiration to others. 

Your newest album is currently scheduled to be released on December 17th. How are you feeling so far about it? What can we expect from it when it releases? 

Feeling very excited about it and I can’t believe that it is actually now coming out. It feels like it has taken forever for this moment to happen, and I know people who have been patiently waiting feel the same. It will be coning out the exact same day the new spider man movie No Way Home is released in theaters. Will be a big day for all of us. 

After your new album comes out, what is next for J.T. Hiskey? 

As of now, after the album drops, focusing on school and committing to shows. That’s all I can think about at the moment. I am currently going to school for something that is very important and will help me give back to the world and I am so looking forward to that once I graduate. I will still keep on doing the music thing, but this other side will always be important to me as well. 

Be on the look out for J.T. Hiskey’s newest album Into The Hiskey-Verse being released onto all music streaming platforms on December 17th, 2021.

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