How did the name of the band come about? 

The Band name came about in the early days, it was an intriguing name that we liked because of what we wanted to represent, in keeping with the rock we did as a cover band of Poison, Motley, Gun’s and other bands in the genre.

If you had to describe your latest work musically, what would you say? 

It’s an album free from stereotypes, more committed, curated and broad artistically, with many influences of musical genres. It’s an album that wants to position itself outside of the superficial listening, it’s an escape from the hard rock niche to range towards other genres, an act of courage towards something new.

What conceptually links the songs that make up your new album Otherside and/or what are the lyrics about? 

The themes often intertwine and lead back to the Otherside, that is another side that not everyone sees or doesn’t want to see, maybe not hated but just rejected. “Otherside” is change, escape, the search for another way, the defiance of music, the destruction of the rules never written, a saying enough to everything and everyone. “Otherside” is artistic anti-expectation. 

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How did you deal with the pandemic period?  

Just before the pandemic we had stopped to concentrate on writing the second album, so we were able to work very individually during the lockdown, we spent a lot of time thinking and studying the compositions we wanted to achieve.

What does the concert dimension represent for you? 

It’s always nice to be able to play your own compositions live, much more satisfying than playing cover songs, especially when an album has just been released. Bringing the emotions of “Otherside” to the stage will be very impressive for us, and we’re curious to see the audience’s response.

If you had to individually choose three albums to bring to “a desert island” what would they be? 

Ste Wizard (guitarist): 

Black Album (Metallica)

Seventh son of a seventh son (Iron Maiden)

Violator (Depeche Mode)

Luke Gyzz (Drummer): 

Destroyer (Kiss)

Imaginaerum (Nightwish)

We are not your kind (Slipknot)

Matty Mannant (Singer):

Dark side of the moon (Pink Floyd)

Sgt Pepper (Beatles)

Goodbye yellow brick road (Elton John).

What plans do you have for the future? 

We are always open to new ideas and compositions, we don’t know which way we will choose, for now we are curious about the feedback of the work we have just completed. We can say that at the moment we intend to dedicate ourselves to live performances, maybe outside our region and abroad, because we feel the need for the energy of the stage and the warmth of the audience.

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