A talented Hip Hop artist, music producer and songwriter, Rich Pesos has come up with his three latest singles! Music lovers have always loved the artist for his passion for music and his soul-touching songs about love and life. With the three latest singles, Rich Pesos has reached yet another milestone in his music career.

Best known for his evocative music, Rich is all set to win the hearts of his fans with his three latest singles, which his followers are definitely going to love!

Brief about His Latest Singles:

Bad Lands – It’s a boom-bap record that is about the stories of his friends who are still struggling with poverty. The song is about their life and how they deal with the environment they are in. This is produced by Rich Pesos himself.

Soul Lovin Feat Tasha – A beautiful love story over a boom-bap beat. This is with his wife on the chorus. The song is produced by Lox Beats.

He Has Risen – This is the story about Rich Pesos himself. It is about how he has reinvented himself to be a stronger person after facing the many hardships of life. Many people have turned their back on him which has helped him to become a stronger man. All these emotions sum up this song.

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His Music:

Rich’s music shows his deep love for music and his desire to have a successful career in the music industry. He is extremely hard working and loves to put all his energy into creating fresh bodies of work. He loves to collaborate with producers, creatives, and artists from all over the world!

About Rich Pesos:

Rich Pesos is an extremely talented Hip Hop artist who promises to offer fresh music to his fans. He is the owner and CEO OF Rich Dreams Music that is an independent music label. He is also a songwriter and a music producer who credits all his success to his mother from who has always been his inspiration.

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