Reco Davis, better known by his stage name Big King Reco the artist is an on the rise recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia. East Atlanta Zone 6 to be exact. This area in Atlanta is known for a ton of emerging talent. Big King Reco is an artist who has a Dirty South vibe to his sound. His musical inspiration comes from some of the industry greats such as Otis Redding, James Brown, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson and Ceelo Green. He loves the new trap soul sound and blends it now with his dirty south sound to create a new school vibe.

Big King Reco decided not too long ago to go all in with music and follow his dreams. After hearing someone say “They’d rather die with memories than dreams.” that really resonated with him. Watching various individuals create music and put out their own personal projects gave him the confidence he needed to start creating his own music and finding his own audience. Right now he is focused on his current debut single “Thug Love” and is focused on gaining as much exposure on this track as possible. Big King Reco is definitely a force to be reckoned with. His aura is like a new age Frank Sinatra. He creates music that can be listened to as decades pass. Make sure you check out his latest content and stay tuned for his new releases.

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