LilSnipe is an on the rise artist from California. He started his musical career back in 2009 with a few of his friends from his neighborhood. They started a group called the “Young Hyeenas”. One of his close friends Bigg Tiny is still partnered with LilSnipe today. LilSnipe has been grinding for a while and has seen much success already. He has opened up for major artist such as Twister and E40 and he has also worked with some amazing talent such as Kokan, Jay O Felony and Mac Shawn. Currently Lil Snipe is being produced by platinum producer Twy Exclusive of Gwap Music. His music gets better with each new record.

However he has just released 3 new singles “Run It Up. Fucc U Mean and Be Loyal” that he is focused on marketing. These records are currently heating up the streets. He also has a new single dropping soon called “Club Poppin” and a feature singled titled “Nothing In Common”. While working on a ton of new singles the grind never ends. He is also focused on completing an E.P which is still in the works. LilSnipe is a veteran entrepreneur who has chosen music to show this generation and other generations that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. With dedication and hard working anything is possible.

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