Sister Stone is a versatile recording artist who combines her own perceptions and ideologies within her musical sound. Higher awareness and consciousness is essential within her creating process. Recently she has teamed up with Chilean artist, Rodrigo Gallardo. Rodrigo combines a fusion of traditional South American Indigenous Andean music with EDM. Sister Stone Facilitates an amazing delivery of R&B & Hip Hop vocals with lyrics that send musical medicine to all listeners. These artists have an astonishing mission behind their music. Both artists balance both the masculine and feminine energies throughout their emotions when creating music. They believe that the two auras dance in harmony with one another.

Although both Sister Stone and Rodrigo Gallardo enjoy the creating process of music, they really enjoy the healing factor that music seems to have on all audiences. Their single gets everyone up out of their seats and dancing almost immediately. The song puts listeners into a trance and pure gratificational state. The audience will almost feel an out of body experience as they connect more with their own spirits and become one with the Earth. Sister Stone is set out to provide a leadership role and assist individuals with their relationship with the planet. Her music is transcending. She channels the sound of musical pioneers such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Mary J Blige. 

Although focused on music both of these artists have a greater mission in mind. For their single they have teamed up with Budi Anumka and Maple Microdevelopment.  Budi Anumka and Maple Microdevelopment have a plan to revitalize the world culturally and ecologically within the indigenous Mapuche Peoples of Chile. They seek to bring them better research, education and ancestral knowledge through this mission. Sister Stone and Rodrigo Gallardo have made bettering the world on top of their priority lists. Through sound and vibrations they can heal spirits and bring peace to others one song at a time.

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