Former Blue Ridge Native Made Smoove Graduates Reinhardt University and Commits to Music Career

Made Smoove, a talented artist hailing from Blue Ridge, has recently graduated from Reinhardt University and is now wholeheartedly dedicated to reaching the next level in his musical career.

Utilizing his marketing degree, Smoove has taken charge of all aspects of his music career, from promotion and engineering to building his brand. Remarkably, he has achieved all this using just his iPhone, creating music that resonates with his fans.

Smoove has released numerous albums, EPs, and videos, showcasing his artistic range and demonstrating his commitment to consistently delivering quality content. His body of work reflects his personal growth and challenges, making it all the more authentic and impactful to listeners.

He states “ I called it album of the year because of how authentic and pure every song is. all the battles I fought all of the heartache and pain and drunkenness I was dealing with is all in here. This is truly the album of the year not for the simple fact it was recorded from my phone. Its because you rarely see a body of work like this anymore. I see no one above me in this rapping shit. NOBODY. Call me cocky but I stand on that.”

Following a brief period in Blue Ridge, Smoove faced legal issues and subsequently found himself in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This experience served as an eye-opener, strengthening his sense of self and significantly influencing his music and mindset.

Now settled in Chattanooga, Made Smoove remains incredibly prolific, consistently dropping single after single. His latest venture is the release of his EP titled “Throwaways,” which features the popular single “Headed Home” featuring Jo Brad.

Smoove confidently asserts that his EP is worthy of being dubbed “Album of the Year” (AOTY). He explains that each song on the EP is a reflection of his authenticity and raw emotions, encompassing the battles he has fought, heartache endured, and personal growth experienced. Despite recording the EP solely on his phone, its true value lies in the rarity of a cohesive project like this in the music industry today. Smoove firmly believes that he stands above all others in the rap game, unapologetically proclaiming his artistic superiority.

Made Smoove’s unwavering commitment to his craft fueled by his personal journey is sure to captivate and inspire his growing fan base. Keep an eye out for his highly anticipated EP “Throwaways” and witness firsthand the exceptional talent behind the artist known as Made Smoove.

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