Generative AI music platform, Loudly, is announcing the launch of its new API, which lets other services incorporate Loudly’s tech into their offerings. Loudly’s API provides social media platforms, music streaming services, ad agencies, game developers and more with the opportunity to incorporate AI-generated music seamlessly and at scale.

This API lets users generate high-quality music across more than a dozen genres, customize their tunes in instinctive ways, or request professionally created music from the Loudly catalog by asking AI for some help in finding just the right track. Anyone will be able to generate and curate the perfect soundtrack to their social video and other visual content, as well as remix existing sounds as much as they want, sparking creativity among enterprises, creators, and music fans new to audio creation.

Loudly is home to more than one billion variations across genre, mood, energy level, and duration that can be created by their AI Music Generator. Thanks to their AI-powered technology and a library filled with over 200K high-quality, human-made samples, Loudly has empowered anyone to compose refreshing new music with just a few prompts and clicks, and is now welcoming partners to do the same. 

The next era of recorded music will be interactive, and Loudly is here to usher it in. As more and more music streaming and other software platforms contemplate this coming shift, Loudly is offering a new API to forward-thinking companies that will allow them to incorporate generative AI music seamlessly and swiftly.

Loudly’s API, available now, lets users generate new high-quality music across more than a dozen genres. They can then customize this music, morphing it easily and intuitively. Or they can request professionally created music from Loudly’s catalog, asking AI to help find the right track for their social video or playlist. Thanks to Loudly, anyone will be able to generate and curate the perfect soundtrack or remix existing catalog as much as they want, sparking creativity among enterprises, creators, and music fans new to audio creation.

“Generative music should be available to many more people across platforms, including social media, music streaming, video creation and mixed-reality gaming,” explains Rory Kenny, Founder and CEO of Loudly. “We’re seeing huge demand across a range of verticals from companies that want to integrate AI music into their existing services. Now, there’s an API for that!”

Loudly’s API delivers the tools that will let partner services offer a range of new features. It can generate and modify tracks, changing everything from mood to song structure to BPM in seconds. It can give users access to thousands of songs in Loudly’s pre-existing catalog and hundreds of thousands of human-crafted sounds. It can apply audio effects across stems (the individual instrument and vocal lines that make up a recorded track) and master the results for amazing audio quality. It can recommend the right image for audio, or the right audio for images. All music is licensed globally for a wide range of usages and completely safe from copyright infringement. 

“Audio is the final frontier in the massive creative explosion we’ve seen thanks to generative AI. Though making music has gotten easier, it’s remained much more challenging than creating cool videos or images, for example,” reflects Kenny. “Loudly is bringing the tools to more and more places where people will finally be able to make music just as easily as shooting a photo. They will be able to do more with music.”

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