In the world of music, it’s often said that it’s not just about the notes and sounds; it’s also about the spaces between them that hold profound meaning. For most people, enjoying music is synonymous with listening, but what happens when you’re almost completely deaf? Why would you even bother? Meet Robbie Wilde, a DJ who redefines the essence of music, proving that it’s about the feeling and the groove rather than what you can hear. Often referred to as “That Deaf DJ,” Robbie Wilde’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. Despite experiencing a significant hearing loss at a young age, he continues to make his mark on the music scene.

A Sonic Challenge

Robbie Wilde’s passion for music was ignited at an early age. Unfortunately, at just seven years old, he faced an unexpected setback when ear infections took a toll on his hearing. His journey into the world of sound took a detour, driven in part by the unavailability of health insurance at the time. However, Robbie’s resilience and innate love for music led him to chart an extraordinary course, proving that a physical disability need not be a barrier to artistic expression.

Feeling the Groove

For Robbie Wilde, music is a visceral experience that transcends the auditory realm. He may not hear music in the conventional sense, but he certainly feels it. His unique approach to music is about the emotions it stirs within him, the vibrations that resonate through his body, and the connection he forms with the groove.

Rather than relying on traditional hearing, Robbie embraces technology and tools that allow him to see and feel the frequencies of the music. These innovations enable him to craft mixes that captivate audiences and keep them moving to the rhythm of the beat. His journey as a DJ isn’t merely about sound; it’s about the profound connection he forges with music through touch and visual aids.

“That Deaf DJ”

Robbie Wilde’s moniker, “That Deaf DJ,” reflects the initial tag he received when he first stepped into the DJ scene. While he doesn’t shy away from this title, he also emphasizes that he’s not just a DJ with a disability; he’s a great DJ who happens to be deaf. This distinction underscores his immense talent and the fact that his music transcends any limitations imposed by his hearing loss.

Robbie’s Remarkable Journey

Robbie’s journey as a DJ began when he was a young boy, inspired by the love of music that stirred within him. Overcoming the hurdles posed by his hearing impairment, he honed his skills and found his own unique path in the world of music. His extraordinary talent and resilience have taken him to notable venues and prestigious events, where he continues to make a lasting impact.


Robbie Wilde, “That Deaf DJ,” reminds us that music is a profound and multi-sensory experience. While many may take hearing for granted, his story teaches us that the essence of music can be felt and appreciated in ways that extend beyond traditional sound. Robbie’s remarkable journey is a testament to the power of passion and determination, showing that a deep love for music can transcend even the most challenging of circumstances.

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