Born in Fountain Valley, California, and now gracing the dynamic musical landscape of Los Angeles, IAKOPO is making significant marks in the industry. His recent hit, “Feels” ft. NE-YO, not only showcases his versatile fusion of Reggae Dancehall, Afro Fusion, and Hip Hop Rap but has also climbed the charts, solidifying his place among top artists. 

IAKOPO’s introduction to the music world was back in 2015 with a noteworthy song featuring Shaggy. Before this, he had showcased his talent by performing in nightclubs as a child and even had a stint signed to a Japanese label. His unique approach to music— choosing distinctive beats and maintaining a subtly laid-back style—sets him apart. When asked about the music scene, IAKOPO hinted at the diverse subcultures within it, proving his deep understanding and appreciation for the art. 

He finds inspiration from a diverse range of artists including The Beatles, Nirvana, Bob Marley, and UB40, among others. Some of his significant milestones include winning an international music video award and his collaboration song with Shaggy, which peaked at #31 on the USA billboard chart. Currently, his song with Ne-Yo is gaining traction, charting top 10 on Apple and top 100 on Spotify in the USA. 

Despite his accomplishments, IAKOPO remains grounded. When asked about advice for aspiring musicians, he humorously mentions, “Don’t do it lol and if u insist and you have money and you don’t suck call me I can help.” 

Recording under dim lighting with blue, purple, and pink neon lights, and the presence of a telepathic engineer, the artist cherishes the ideal vibe. Dream collaborations? He’s already lived some, working with the likes of Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Shaggy, and Sean Paul. 

IAKOPO’s artistry is colorful, blending genres effortlessly. And if his current trajectory is anything to go by, the music world is set to experience many more vibes from this talented artist.

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