Dj French Bread just dropped a new solo album titled “Time Pieces”, available on Apple Music, Spotify, & much more! His new music describes the life of Dj French Bread Aka Corey Terrell. The artist was brought up by Courtney Terrell who’s mother Della Kilgore just passed away.

Courtney Terrell just received a kidney transplant at Loma Linda when she received the devastating news. The Husband and dad of Corey Terrell, Corrie Terrell had given his kidney to his wife and mother of artist Dj French Bread.

The two partners have been together for 25 years and have done so much, Courtney obtained a criminal justice degree & Corrie coaching Aquinas and winning CIF in 2005 with his childhood friends.

Dj French Bread plans on becoming President of the United States in 2045 so that is going to take a lot of preparation. Corey Terrell who holds a LLC as an Intern is looking to pursue his degree qualifying his resume for any campaign he chooses to pursue.

Corey Terrell has worked with multiple companies and attended multiple universities & now he is explaining it to us as Dj French Bread. He will continue to do business as under his LLC on November 22nd as we await the release of “Time Pieces”.

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