Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Salem Ilese unveils her conceptual new album High Concept via 10K Projects.

Her newest single, “Boys ‘R’ Us” is a testament to her incredible concepts in songwriting. The flirtatious pop gem playfully explores the fantasy of being able to stroll through “Boys ‘R’ Us” in search of that ideal, dreamy boyfriend conjured in a daydream. With its infectious beat and cheeky lyrics, it’s an irresistible invitation to indulge in some retail therapy for the heart. This song taps into the imagination, where every heart’s desire is just a shopping spree away, making it an instant anthem for anyone who’s ever had a vivid expectation of love.

Despite taking time away from her own music to expand her horizons as a songwriter, Salem Ilese’s RIAA-certified Gold hit single “Mad at Disney” with “PS5” following. Beyond her own music, she has also worked with some of music’s biggest names including Gwen Stefani, TXT, Ke$ha, Addison RaeCharlie PuthBebe Rexha, Alan Walker and more, even earning credits for her work on Demi Lovato’s recent album, HOLY FVCK, and Bella Poarch’s hit single, “Build a Bitch.”

With her unique sound, infectious energy, and unstoppable drive, Salem Ilese is a force to be reckoned with in the pop music world. Now kicking off the next era of her career with her biggest and boldest effort yet, her last releases, “Team Sport,” “PainHub” “Tall Boi” and “Strongly Worded Letter” showcase a fresh new sound that combines pop melodies with high-concept lyrics criticizing media consumption. Now approaching her upcoming album, towards a new era in Salem’s career, she is in collaboration with Rina Sawayama‘s creative director Crystal LockhartHigh Concept promises to be a pop masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of conventional songwriting.

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