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Khujo Goodie, a member of the iconic Atlanta-based Hip Hop group “Goodie Mob,” is not wasting any time in releasing new music in commemoration of the 50th year anniversary of Hip Hop. With his recent single “Splashy,” produced by KoJack, Khujo Goodie proves that he still has something to say and deserves recognition as one of the top-tier Dirty South artists.

Additionally, he has released a three-song maxi single titled “Time To Make The Doughnuts,” which features production by Trafficking Music, Steampunk, and Stu Banga. Khujo Goodie dedicates this release to his loyal fans who have stuck with him through the ups and downs, stating, “TTMTD, this one was for my day one fans that stayed down through the drought.” Another notable track, “SO HIGH,” features Grammy Award winner King James Worthy and has been generating buzz in the music industry.

Khujo Goodie’s latest releases have made a significant impact, climbing the charts on Amazon Music. His songs achieved the impressive feat of reaching #3 on the Hiphop/Rap New Releases and Hiphop/Rap Best Sellers charts, while landing at #11 on the Movers & Shakers list.

Khujo Goodie has been an integral part of the Atlanta Hip Hop scene since its inception. He honed his skills with the legendary Goodie Mob, collaborated with The Lumberjacks, explored outer space with OutKast, and got gritty with the Dungeon Family. Now returning with his latest solo project, “BILLS,” Khujo Goodie showcases his continued relevance with heartfelt and relatable lyrics, accompanied by his unmistakable voice, which remains one of the most recognizable in Hip Hop.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Khujo Goodie recognized at an early age that Hip Hop was his true calling. In 1994, he formed Goodie Mob alongside Big Gipp, CeeLo Green, and T-Mo, with a firm determination to make their voices heard. The group fearlessly tackled real issues prevalent in their surroundings, such as racism, discrimination, geopolitics, and gentrification. Through their thought-provoking lyrics, they left an indelible mark on Hip Hop’s legacy.

Khujo Goodie’s recent releases demonstrate his unwavering commitment to the genre and his capability of captivating audiences with his unique style and powerful messages. As the Hip Hop community celebrates its 50th year anniversary, Khujo Goodie proves that his talent and artistic prowess continue to thrive, cementing his position as one of the prominent figures in the Dirty South and beyond.

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