The Philadelphia creative arts scene has always been on the cutting edge of the culture. Although forward thinking, the scene always pays homage to the classic Hip Hop Vibes of the past. Over the past ten years the Philly sound was a cutting edge mix of pop, rnb, and wavy trap music. Post-pandemic, the city has returned to its classic, soulful hip-hop sound and aesthetic. Da Cooligans sit at the forefront of this throwback movement embracing classic elements of hip hop culture. As a collective, Cooligans prove that community can win over competition. Steel sharpens steel as each member of the group is multi-faceted in art, music, photography, videography, fashion, and curating. Individually each member is a force to be reckoned with, but all together the movement is unstoppable.

For the past two years Cooligans have stayed consistent with drop after drop, singles, videos, and recently a string of EP’s that all lead up to this debut official project. They have built a loyal fanbase by refining their sound and style with support from production and engineering affiliates. Most of their work is done “in-house” and their talents are starting to spread past the Philly scene with upcoming tours and appearances.

Coming off three straight EP releases over the Summer, Da Cooligans kick off the fall season with “What a Life”. A motto that turned into an album, “What a Life” is a testament to their talents and community. The project kicks off with a song called “Home Team” that clearly sums up their positive intentions to contribute to the culture. The album has a variety of sounds and styles all staying true to the authenticity of the members of the group. Highlights include “Worst Day of My Life” and “Play 2 Win”.

The seven songs on this project show the range and versatility of the group as well as the promise that they will continue to upgrade their sound. Along with the release of the project they debuted two new visuals to support the release. The first visual is filmed in studio and shows their creative process. The second wheat past visual shows how they uniquely extend the brand of the album into a city wide art project. The marketing and promotion behind this project fully represents the throwback Hip-Hop movement that is flourishing in the Philadelphia creative art scene.

Check out the new music and visuals from Da Cooligans after the jump and stay tuned for more work from them individually and as a group soon here on

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