Passion and work ethic comes in all forms and ages. This 14 year old rapper out of South Florida, will be all over the internet soon. Korjixo born in Rockdail, Georgia said he knows what it’s like to struggle in everyday life. Everything from being homeless and not having food to eat. Most cannot survive those things, however he was able to endure all of that even at a young age. That didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream in music. He uses the inspiration from his family and friends to fuel his material.

His future plans are to be a mogul in the rap culture as well as being a entrepreneur. Giving back to his community is important to him. He currently has a song on streaming platforms called “Blame On Me”. The artwork depicts Huey Freeman of the “Boondocks” on the coverart. That’s a creative plus as the Boondocks is considered a classic show by many. Korjixo is young but this shows he has great taste in music and culture. We are really excited for him. His lyrics, melodic delivery and messages in his songs will have many behind him soon. He already had the image, which is the most important thing in the entertainment industry. It’s a good sign he has that figured out at such a young age. We believe he’s on the truck track. It’s only a matter of time before he reels in fans and make a staple in the game with the younger audience.

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