Arkansas-bred artist YB has dropped off a new record, titled Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines. The eccentric YB is what happens when optimism meets melodic trap. He wraps emotional storytelling over hard-hitting 808s. From concept to delivery, rising artist YB effortlessly captivates and woods his listeners with witty punch-lines and ear-grabbing production.

YB has been captivating listeners since the young age of 8 years old, growing in scope and depth with each new creation. After debuting his first Christian hip-hop album Salvation back in 2014, followed by a string of attention-grabbing releases, he has continuously built a solid discography of engaging, infectious records. His latest is Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines, a poignant statement on overcoming struggle and tribulations and loving God, across 10 sharply-crafted songs.

Opener “HOSTAGE” sets the tone for the album with its powerful horns and memorable rhythm section, providing a potent backdrop for YB to mesmerize listeners with raw, dynamic flows. “MOUNTAINS” presents YB’s versatility with a melodious sound that adds inherent catchiness and much replay value to the song. Album single “PRAYING HANDS” and “PLAY FOR KEEPS” present highlights with their electrifying blend of hard-hitting sounds and gripping vocals, equipped with immense grooves and heavy drums.

With the release of Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines, YB continues to transcend the medium with his studio work. Over 10 million streams as an independent artist, and a prolific streak of releases has led to him building much momentum in the underground and beyond. Give his latest release Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines a listen below and be sure to connect with YB while you’re at it for more soon.

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