We often hear new artists come out all the time, however very few lack the passion and hunger like this upcoming artist out of Miami, Florida. T Black brings that South Florida swag and style to his music. Everything from the music, to the lyrics and image he is what embodies the new wave of hip-hop. His cool persona really shows in his visuals as well. However, it didn’t start out this way for the Miami Native. He comes out of North Miami/Overtown which are known as dangerous neighborhoods. He began rapping at age 13, and at 23 decided to take it seriously. Rapping and honing his skills to get to the next level. His ultimate goal in life is to be a successful rapper and a noble father. We respect any man that has values in fatherhood, it’s a wonderful thing. Also, he’s an independent artist as well, keeping his work in house for now. That’s not an easy thing to do, as it requires a lot of time and work to manage and grow your own brand yourself.

It definitely shows in his latest track called “Going Ham” which means just that. Going as hard as he can to put on for his city, his culture and his family. You can see the vision in the music video for this song as well. It was filmed and shot by “kdtheshooterr” which dynamic effects, crisp and clear resolution and smooth transitions. The locations are simple yet versatile and it tells his story behind who he is and what he stands for as an artist. Soon he will also have another single titled “Came From” which is set to be released sometime in september. So asn you can see this artist does not stop! As consistency is very important in this game if you want to be #1. If he manages to continue on his journey rapping, releasing visuals and growing his brand, it will only be a matter of time before he reaches stardom. Be on the lookout for T Black as his skills will be sure to carry him atop the rap game in due time!





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