Until recently, TikTok was not considered by companies in their marketing strategies. But this has changed in the last two years, due to the popularity of this network. The key to taking advantage of it is using a TikTok analysis platform.

TikTok for companies, how to fit into this network?

The innovative social network accumulated 656 million downloads in 2021 alone. Thus, it became the most downloaded in the world during that year. The most surprising thing is that everything points to that figure will increase greatly this year.

The success of TikTok is due to the fact that it allows content to go viral faster. This is a determining factor for the growth of brands. However, the trends on this network are almost always related to the entertainment category. So, the question is how do you make a company “fit” in that category?

The answer is summed up in two simple steps: modify the perspective and combine the key factors. These are the TikTok Analytics data and trends. An excellent example of how TikTok for businesses works is provided by luxury brand Ralph Lauren.

In 2019, the brand was dealing with the disinterest of the youngest. After shifting perspectives from serious to fun and combining key factors to refine their strategy, they found the right hashtags and influencer to create a campaign that made history. Today, the hashtag #WinningRL accumulates 835 million views.  

The most important thing is that if we look at their TikTok account, we can see that they have expanded their target audience to young people between the ages of 13 and 17. And they have done very well.

TikTok Analytics, the key to success on this network

If you want to know how to grow on TikTok, the first thing you have to do is known TikTok Analytics very well. Next, we explain the steps to access this tool.

  1. You need to start by changing your account to a business profile or TikTok Business. To do this, go to the menu at the top right of your screen, choose “settings and privacy”, “manage account” and select “business account”.
  2. Choose the category that describes your business (health, pets, restaurants, etc.). TikTok will now verify that you are a business profile (follow the prompts and proceed to verify).
  3. To view the account analytics, tap the menu on your profile. Select “Settings & Privacy”, choose “Creator Tools” and click “Analytics”. Done, you can start reading your statistics now!

You can choose the range of dates you want to view, by days, weeks or months. But remember: the idea of ​​measuring is to use the data to improve, enhance or modify the content.

How to interpret the data in TikTok Analytics

In TikTok Analytics the data is divided into three categories: content, description and followers. Below, we describe these categories and what each one reveals.

“General description”

In this section, the first thing you will see is Engagement. That is, the range of engagement of your followers with your brand. This number arises from averaging the number of interactions between the number of users and determines the effect generated by your posts.

If your followers share, leave comments or like them, keep going, because it’s working.

All data in TikTok Analytics can be viewed in custom ranges of up to 60 days.

“Content”: TikTok Analytics key

This section shows total numbers of actions done and received. Which allows you to know which ones have become a trend. Consequently, you will be able to decide which TikTok winning products that are worth replicating.

It is important to carefully review the data about video views. Such as:

  • If they look complete.
  • Where the viewers come from (source of your traffic).
  • The geographical regions from where they observe you.


In this segment of TikTok Analytics, as in other networks, you will see the number of people who follow your account reflected. The interesting thing is that you can see the behavior of this number by date, if it increases or decreases. In this way you will determine when your publications cause your number of followers to skyrocket.

The demographic data of your followers is important to verify that you are reaching the profiles that fit your ideal audience (potential customers). Since it doesn’t make sense for you to go viral among people who won’t buy you anything or to whom you don’t contribute anything.

TikTok Analytics also shows you the times your followers are online. This is important to define the schedule of your publications.

A piece of information that you should check frequently is the views your profile receives and who they come from. Since it helps you to know if your brand is generating interest (if they want to know more about it, they will surely become customers). Use this TikTok Analytics indicator to drive them to your landing page.

What type of content ranks best on TikTok

A fundamental part of a marketing strategy is to define very well the types of content for social networks that will be used. On TikTok, for example, the favorite topics are:

  • Entertainment (choreographies, dances, jokes and humor).
  • Fashion and beauty, fitness, sport and personal care.
  • Home, DIY and culinary themes.
  • Tips for everyday life.
  • Pets.

Does this mean that your brand must lose its essence to succeed on TikTok? Not at all. The idea is to find a formula to show your products or services without being invasive. In addition, it is key that the content is not forced or of such low quality that it leads the brand to the point of disappearing.

Always use TikTok Analytics and keep in mind, as a brand, that most users go to TikTok to have fun. But you also have the objective of generating business.

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