Everwave is the global music production platform amplifying the scale of music creation. Everwave’s initiative is to bring together producers, artists, and fans from all across the world to create a community for collective creativity. The platform provides artists from around the world an open online studio, where they can hop on any “wave,” the starting template for each collectively evolving work.

Similar to a physical studio, on Everwave, producers and artists both play a pivotal role in the music creation process. Producers upload an origin wave that artists are then able to place in their own DAW to build upon and reupload their stems to the platform. This process of musical ping-pong between producers and artists continues until the Everwave community votes the song is complete. Each song voted on by the community is uploaded to all major DSP’s, which rewards all artists on the track to receive payouts and rewards. 

Musicians and producers get rewarded in $WVE tokens for creating (the Creativity Reward) and fans can purchase NFTs of the final wave–giving the collaborators an equal split in revenue, all transacted transparently on the Solana blockchain.

Check out the two releases so far from Everwave artists:

Imagine the world’s coolest open-door studio where anyone can come in and participate in what’s being made. Musicians spanning all genres can lay down a track in an ever-evolving work that everyone gets a share in. Everwave makes this dream scenario happen, giving artists the chance to join in and make music in unprecedented, unexpected collaborations.

Taking a fresh, innovative approach to artistic collaboration, music production platform and online community Everwave invites musicians and producers to contribute to a continuously evolving, community-created musical work–all while earning rewards for contributing and giving fans a peek behind the curtain at the creative development. 

Everwave structures its projects in “waves.” A wave encapsulates the entire journey of a collective creation–from the initial spark of inspiration to the collaborative tracks and remixes that emerge from it. The starting point of a wave is typically a very simple, incomplete piece of music that acts as a demo to inspire other creators. The stems are made available to the community, who from there can add new stems, or remix the existing ones to create a completely new version of the track. These newly contributed works are added to the growing wave.

“We designed Everwave to be a vehicle for collective creativity. Throughout history, music has predominantly been composed and produced individually or in small groups. What if the world could create and manage music together?” says Everwave Co-Founder Cyril Guiraud. “Everwave transforms the way music is created and offers you an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a global community of music innovators.”

French-born musician and entrepreneur Cyril Guiraud first had the vision for a large-scale collaborative project–a community of musicians, producers, and fans creating a dynamic piece of music together online. In the Summer of 2021, he met with Jazzy Couscous label manager and Telcoin co-founder Alix Zerd who helped transform the concept into the basis for what the platform would soon become. Soon thereafter, jazz (and broken beat) legend and web3 music pioneer Mark de Clive-Lowe joined the team.

“Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) are a perfect model for what Cyril had in mind. Using blockchain as a last resort source of truth for contributions–NFTs to turn the produced music into digital collectibles, and smart contracts to split the generated revenues– came to me very naturally. It felt almost obvious,” explains Alix. “That way, when the final versions are released, all contributors get an equal share in the royalties.”

Everwave offers musicians and producers a chance to get rewarded in $WVE tokens for creating (the Creativity Reward) and lets music fans purchase NFTs of the final wave–giving the collaborators an equal split in revenue, all transacted transparently on the Solana blockchain.

Anyone can listen to the wave in progress, including newly added tracks, or join the community to contribute to the next one at app.everwave.xyz.

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