Ania Hoo has shared a new release, called “Dreams/ Truth Is…”. Jamaican-American artist Ania Hoo navigates a colorful, eclectic, and vibrant universe through her music. Inspired by artists such as Marvin Gaye and Teena Marie, she strives for her music to emulate the purest of emotions. Taking us away from the modern world and its endless need for consumption, we see Hoo opening us up to her vision that is focused on creating with integrity and intention. A world where music gives space to the collective to not only want to feel good, but to demand to be loved properly. Hoo has been featured on DJ sets at the Boiler Room, NTS Radio, and V Files and continues to create romantic and bubbly melodies. Her new offering “Dreams/ Truth Is…” is a surreal and colorful drop that puts her skills as a songwriter and vocalist on full display.

Blending genres engagingly, “Dreams/ Truth Is…” includes hearty doses of soul, R&B, and dance music, with a retro-futuristic twist.

“Dreams” and “Truth Is…” are about transition periods of love in a relationship, about no longer having a rose colored glasses view of the world and growing out of her naivety. As compared to Pure, “Dreams” and “Truth Is…” ushers in a new era of growth and emotional maturity for Ania. 

Hoo’s latest is a refreshing, engaging 2-song release packed with sonic vibrance and infectious melodies, containing much replay value while remaining character-rich and authentic throughout. Give it a listen below.

Watch the video for “Truth Is…” here:

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