With the recent resurgence of rap queens leading the pack and ushering in a new group of rising stars, the door is open for new legends to emerge.  Enter Bronx, NY artist Ki Storii, who is making the charge and consistently proving herself as one of the bubbling young acts in the female rap game. After her 2021 “Whole ‘Nother Level” single topped 100K streams on Spotify and her latest party hit “Shawty Lo” is approaching 50K, the ‘BX Baddie’ is ready to make her mark on 2023 with her new single, an intriguing spin on self-love titled “Taboo”.

Taboo is a refreshing, stylish banger that arrives just in time for the summer. Atop summery, vibrant production, Ki and Brianna Knight deliver potent, sleek performances that draw the listener further into the song’s colorful, lush atmospherics. It’s a fun-loving, truly engaging song that is easy to revisit again and again, packing a punch instrumentally and vocally.

Taboo is a fun and stylish look at the ‘taboo’ topic of women’s sensuality and self-pleasure. After hearing producer Tae Dnn create a beat on Instagram sampling legendary R&B artist Bobby Brown, Ki’s manager Ceddy P connected the two via direct message. They agreed to work together and Ki crafted a hip-hop record sprinkled with R&B care. “Something for my soft-girl era,” Ki jokes. To bring it home, Ki locked in with soulful singer Brianna Knight; the two work together to create a smooth experience for any lady seeking some relaxation and personal enjoyment. 

After listening to Taboo, there will be one thing very clear: Ki Storii is gearing up for superstardom, and the world should take notice.

Listen to “Taboo” on Audiomack HERE.

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