Jordan Ali has shared a new project, titled Pack Your Bags. Hailing from Maryland, Ali has been making waves with his authenticity and innovative sound. Coming off his three track single “Food4Soul,” Ali’s versatility is constantly displayed as he continues to develop as a rising artist making a name for himself. Jordan Ali seamlessly blends thought-provoking lyrics, infectious melodies, and powerful storytelling to create a dynamic and engaging musical experience. With Pack Your Bags, Ali reaches new ground as he attempts a more experimental approach and succeeds in doing so, blending influences from hip-hop, house, electronica, R&B. He keeps his sound refreshingly personal and unique while also injecting a hearty dose of DMV stylishness and appeal, making Pack Your Bags a character-rich, ambitious new release.

Ali demonstrates his outside-the-box creativity throughout the project, with songs like “CARDIO” taking on a turbo-charged house-hop feel, contrasting with introspective, boom-bap laced cuts like “Food4Soul”, which feel laid back and atmospheric in tone. Across Pack Your Bags, Ali maintains an emotive sound and an admirable penchant for honest songwriting, while displaying a vivid, focused skill for lyricism on powerful tracks like “Song 777”.

Regarding the release of Pack Your Bags, Ali says, “Pack Your Bags” was taking these 7 records that were so prevalent whilst going through a break-up and heavy life changes that sustained and helped keep me motivated throughout those changing times. They were sonic anchors emulating the common spaces and states of mind I was in, whether it be the electrifying Mad Music events & Baltimore Club scenes I brought to “CARDIO” or the rainy afternoons at JWDA’s apartment where we talked philosophy, love, and life that went into the title track “Pack Your Bags.” I packed it all up into this EP and handed it to anyone who could possibly receive”.

The latest from Jordan Ali, Pack Your Bags puts his colorful songwriting and knack for eclectic sounds and production choices on full display, making for an engaging new offering.

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