Jacksonville rappers like Tribal Brown are known for there quaver music, which is mostly known nowadays as Dark Hip-Hop. This is a type of music that is best around dark things like betrayal, murder, pain and much more. Tribal brown is at times referred to as the Tribal Wolf. We are not 100% sure why people may call him that, we figured because of his name and nature. And the fact that he has a wolf charm hanging from his neckless.

If he was to take off his shirt for any reason and you looked at he back. You will notice his tribal wolf tattoo that covers his full back. tribal browning tattoo is a one of a kind masterpiece the tattoo features a blood wolf, stepping on three skulls along with a scripture beneath it. This is said to symbol Him being the bloody wolf stepping on meaning overcoming the three stages of his life. Those stages are said to be child, teenager, and man, just to advance to Wolf-God.

How Should We Label Tribal Brown

Tribal Brown is not one of those rappers with dreads even though you may think that from the name. Its very hard to label him, some may say he’s one of those jacksonville florida rappers. And other may say he’s one of those baltimore rappers, after all he did live there for about 1 year with his uncle in 2006. One thing is for sure he can not be labeled as one of those philly rappers.

Its kind of hard to find white female rappers in Jacksonville. Brown says he likes to lay back sometimes and just put on some escuelas de musica to just chill. Many people be asking him to see that list he has of female rappers nude. But if your going to do that then you might as well just go on skipthegames jacksonville and get more for your money.

Why The Strip Club Song

Everyone wants to know why did Tribal Brown make that song In Da Club. Well according to him its very simple and thats because he visit’s jacksonville strip clubs. Now its safe to say your not going to hear no cool music pck up lines from a Tribal Brown Song. but all of he songs have crazy meaning behind them if you can decode them.

People often ask why do rappers hold up 4 fingers, and I’m sure the meaning is different for each rapper. Then reason Tribal Brown holds them up is said in one of his songs Enemies. He said four fuck niggas is going to die before he die, thats why he did it. Now don’t be confused we are not talking about no descargar musica gratis. Oh no we are just talking about that crome music lab that Tribal brown be in at Roovet.

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