Glassface has dropped off a video for his new song called “WHATEVER”. Seamlessly swerving between different art forms, Glassface writes, records, performs, and produces all of his own music. As a multi-disciplinary artist, he’s carved out a unique lane for himself in a constantly evolving industry. “WHATEVER” marks a continuation of Glassface’s vibrant, varied discography- with a potent release that immerses the listener in the creative world of Glassface.

Featuring sharp songwriting that blends a variety of genres into a cohesive concoction, “WHATEVER” injects influences from pop, electronic, indie, and more for a dynamic offering. With shimmering, smooth sonics based around watery keys, grooving, warm percussion, rich bass, and a distinctive, sleek vocal performance, “WHATEVER” makes for a highlight offering from the rising multi-disciplinary artist. The accompanying visual, created by Glassface himself, provides colorful aesthetics, with progressive, abstract editing that enhances the song’s immense, psychedelic feel. It’s a strong offering overall that gives us much reason to be excited around what Glassface has in store for fans and listeners.

Glassface’s latest is a poignant, expressive releases that demonstrates both his songwriting skill as well as his overall prowess as a creative with DIY visuals. A forward thinking release with a warm sound suitable for the coming summer months, “WHATEVER” has just the refreshing touch that has needed at this time of year. Give it a watch below and connect with Glassface for more, as he continues to blaze forward as a boundary pushing artist skilled in multiple fields.

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