Its64boy Is one of the top producers in the Virginia market.

Meet Its64boy, the trailblazer behind Stackin Up Entertainment, who is taking the music industry by storm. Born on August 28, 1990, in Richmond, Virginia, Gregory Craig Brown Jr, professionally known as Its64boy, is an American record producer, record executive, and CEO of Stackin Up Entertainment. A true visionary with an undeniable passion for music and a drive to succeed, Its64boy has established himself as a certified hitmaker in the music industry.

From a young age, Its64boy was captivated by music, and with his first musical influence, Pop DJ Skeet, he was introduced to the world of real music. However, by the time he reached high school, he had redirected his passion toward playing basketball, with aspirations of reaching the NBA. His biggest life-changing moment was when he was told he had a hole in his heart and couldn’t pursue his NBA dream, so for Brown music became his NBA instead. His talent and hard work have paid off over the years as he has produced tracks for prominent artists like King Hanz, Uneek Int, Ana Baby, Megan Thee Stallion, 2 Chainz, and Iakopo, to name a few.

Its64boy’s music production style is unique and stands out, combining the Bay Area sound, along with Trap, and R&B to carve out his signature. His record with Iakopo and 2 Chainz, “Fineto,” amassed over 1.4 million streams and continues to receive high accolades from music critics and fans alike.

In addition to his production skills, Its64boy is a business-savvy entrepreneur and founder of Stackin Up Entertainment. The company has grown and expanded under his leadership and has now secured major distribution deals with GT Digital/EMPIRE Distribution. Stackin Up Entertainment is dedicated to making a difference in the music industry and is continuously working on new and exciting projects.

Its 64boy’s debut EP “Traumatized Life Story” is a testament to his talent and his ability to tell a story through his music. The EP delves into his journey and showcases his sonic production skills. Its64boy dropped EPs and albums such as Verified, Richdrum, and notable singles such as, “Saucy” and “Flip” that have only solidified Its64boy’s place in the music industry.

Its64boy is a true unicorn in the music industry who is making a mark and changing the game. With his impressive portfolio, unique style, and unwavering determination, Its64boy is destined for greatness and is a name to watch out for in years to come.

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